Secure Managed File Transfer

The automated data exchange between  multiple systems in different organizations is a big challenge. Today it is still common to use manual processes, with many media breaks.

The automated file transfer is often implemented by scripts installed on the affected. The management, the security as well as the transparency and economics of this method are not guaranteed in every case.

Managed File Transfer(MFT), the newest development in data transmission technology, also including the <<Network Data Mover NDM>> technology being used in the financial sector, has the aim of reliably transmitting files in between business partners, internal systems and applications with the help of secure products as well as easy to understand exchange models.

You gain a predictable and secure transmission including powerful reporting-functions so you will always know where your Files are.

The central MFT-functions; connectivity, automation, reporting and management are based on the secure transmission of data, which means that MFT reduces the need for manual intervention through IT and enables self-management through the user if the need arises. Contrary to conventional data transmission options MFT includes a much higher degree of security, scalability, integration, reporting-possibilities and other functions.